Beatrize Sanchez

Mt Vernon Gym
“The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.”

My name is Beatriz Sanchez, I am the mother of two girls. Aside from my family and friends, living a healthy lifestyle has easily been one of my top values. My experience at Urban Fitness has been not only challenging, but also very motivating and inspirational towards helping me achieve my long-awaited goal weight.

When I started my battle against my unhealthy lifestyle my approximate weight was at 215 pounds. Even if my tight schedule wouldn’t help me at all, I was determined to become more healthy, not only for myself, but also to set an example for my two daughters. My worst fear was to see them follow in my footsteps and see them go through the hardships that I’ve been battling with for so long. So my journey towards a healthier Betty started.

Drilling the fact that I might once be as fit as I wished to into the back of my head, I started exercising as much as my schedule would let me, and for the first time in my life, I started to eat much more healthier and using dietary supplements as well as finding alternatives to those sugary foods I craved for so much; getting me closer and closer to that once thought unattainable weight that I wished for. By the end of the struggle I was only a mere 10 pounds away from my ideal weight of 120 pounds, but one unfortunate day changed my pace for the worst that month.

In the year of 2006, I was involved in a car accident on the freeway due to safety reasons. Due to the frightful event, I was unable to continue my exercising for a total of six months. The recovery was just as difficult as the weight loss, the struggle through therapy and healing weighed on my determination and patience as a rock on a toothpick, but I wasn’t prepared to give up that easily. By the time I was fully recovered I had gained about 48 pounds, pushing me farther away from my ideal weight, but the thought of my family and my health only gave me the strength and courage I needed to take on the frightful challenge that fate had placed in my pathway.

Once again, I started my exercising. My husband gave me the motivation and support I needed to complete my dream. With diets, healthy eating, vitamins, plenty of exercising and money loss on exercise equipment I had reached 145 pounds. The only problem was, that I was stuck at that weight. Many experts call it a “weight-loss plateau” where the body adapts to the exercising routine; giving a slower metabolism. I maintained this weight until I started the Urban Fitness Challenge.

I had heard of the challenge before but had not joined, due to my timid character. My husband started to motivate me, and soon after he convinced me to take on this challenge. At first I was skeptical as to if the challenge would help me, I thought that because of the experiences with fitness, that I would easily fly through, but in reality I was wrong, the challenge was really what it is named, a challenge. It was very hard and it took a lot of dedication, nonetheless I am more than happy to have taken it. It provided me to not only get past my weight-loss plateau but it had also shown me what I was capable of, given the support of my friends, family, peers, and my trainer.

My trainer Touraan, also played a huge part in helping me reach my goal. He, along with my husband and children, gave me the support I needed to get me closer to my goal. Touraan gave me the tools I required to get to where I am today, such as new exercises, healthy alternatives to some types of food and new techniques. I am very lucky to have been exposed to Urban Fitness and its staff, because without them and my family, I wouldn’t have come closer to reaching the goal I had always dreamed for.