Brad “Bubba” Bell

Urban Fitness testimonial


Two years ago I participated in two challenges. The first I lost, the second I won first place in my division, and was the grand prize runner up. Then, as I said, life happens! I got busy and found the easiest thing to drop was my participation at the gym. In retrospect, it wasn’t the right thing to do. Within 2 years I gained all but 20 lbs back.

I learned to eat for training and competition, but after that I went back to my old ways and habits, along with dropping the gym. You see the final result.

This time of my life, with the obituaries having people my age and younger, my brother being diagnosed with cancer and my sister in-law with type two diabetes; I decided to start a new healthier life style. The first of the year I started juicing and eating the kind of things I was suppose to. It was working! I started losing weight. After a month and a half I had lost 10 pounds. Then Shelly (Michelle Wright) and Delicia Light talked me into doing another challenge.

At first I said I was embarrassed to come back and have everyone see that I had gained almost everything back. They told me it would be like a winners reunion challenge, ’cause a Lot of people were in the same boat. So I decided it could only benefit my healthy new lifestyle.

To my surprise I was greeted with excitement that I would get back on track and try the challenge again. I love this Urban Fitness! And the people are friendly too. I had Luke for a trainer and learned things about weight loss that I had misconceptions about previously. I told him I didn’t want to loose any muscle mass this time, and I’m on a protein and vegetable diet. We went over it and tweaked it a little bit and came up with a good plan for me. IT WORKED!!! I’m so thankful for the routines and specialized treatment in my training sessions also. I learned so much and plan on being a regular around here now. A very good experience and would recommend it to anyone.

Since starting this program 8 short weeks ago, and my radical change, I have people all over asking me what I’m doing. It feels good to be able to direct people into a better lifestyle. They see me and realize it can be done. I’m no different than any of you. You can do it too.

In the end, if we have lost weight or just inches in this challenge, or maybe even just a healthier lifestyle of exercising, WE ALL HAVE WON!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to change my life again. I like this body and am going to keep it this time.