Dawn Hardman


Some say you can’t teach an old Dawn new tricks, but all I can say is WOW! I competed in this challenge to see what I was capable of achieving and I can honestly say, I have learned so much that I am absolutely amazed. I also had a lot of mental barriers coming into the challenge, and I gave my trainer Abby, a new form of “resistant” training. She never gave up on me, and her belief in me fueled my focus and desire to push my comfort zone out the proverbial window. With her undying support, and my trust finally on her side, I did everything she asked me too, without question, and I believe in her as a trainer 100%.

The Bodybugg program is beyond exceptional. I could see my progress daily, and it pushed me further to reach my goals. I have learned how to eat better, that Snickers are not a food group, and that I need to keep moving, and most importantly eat, eat, eat! With the proper choices made in selecting food, I now eat for energy and health. I consider myself well versed in the balance of burning fat and increasing muscle, thanks to all of the help and support of the staff at Urban Fitness.

Yes, I joined this challenge to lose weight. But I have gained something so invaluable, that it has changed my life forever. I have gained a wealth of knowledge that has left me physically stronger and mentally stealth. My focus, ability, and drive to treat myself better have become top priorities. I have no limits, no barriers, only success and fitness, and that to me is what losing weight is all about.

Thank you to everyone at Urban Fitness! I had a blast!