Michelle Bruce

Michelle Bruce testimonial

This is my second time doing the challenge. Let me tell you, it was a lot harder. However, more rewarding. This time, it wasn’t about a challenge. It was about me. Funny how your mind operates. How your thoughts can be so powerful. How, when I was in it to win it, it was easier. Now it’s about life change, better choices, healthy living and staying strong. This takes much more and I find myself arguing with me, now and again. Because I have learned so much through these challenges and with the motivation of my trainer, plus the great atmosphere of this gym, without a doubt, I will continue to take care of myself. When I feel like giving up, I look at the results and remember it will always be a “challenge,” but that I must go through the valleys in order to reach the mountain! I am strong and feel good about me. Thank you Luke and Urban!

Pounds Lost: 46
Trainer: Luke
Participated: March-April 2013