Personal Training at Urban Fitness

Urban Fitness offers all new members the opportunity to meet with one of our Certified Personal Trainers for two 1 hour sessions to not only experience the benefits of personal training–a $130 value and our gift–but help get you started on the right track.

Complimentary Appointments Include:

  • Goal Setting: Weight, Measurements, Body Fat
  • Medical Review
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Test & Target Heart Rate Calculation
  • Postural Assessment
  • Appropriate Stretching Based on Postural Deviations
  • Core Exercises & an Upper and Lower Body Workout
  • Supplement Education

Interested in Additional Training?

There are many reason our members choose to extend their training. One of the biggest: the guessing game. Trainers are trained professionals in the Fitness field. Just as you may be in what ever line of work you are in. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or general conditioning it can be very frustrating not knowing exactly how to do it. Often times we find ourselves trying any and all new fads or the program your friend is doing because it worked for them, DVD’s at home, cutting out all carbs, only eating proteins or just giving up because you tried and tried and with all of your efforts you haven’t made much progress. Well, if many of our members you see here on this website can do it … SO CAN YOU!

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Additional and Specific Time Obtainable GOAL SETTING
  • Individualized NUTRITIONAL Menu Design: Based on the foods you like as well as the proper % of carb, proteins, and fats!
  • Individualized Cardiovascular Interval Design: Based on the FITT Principal: Frequency, Intensity, Time & Type!
  • Individualized Supplement Design: Education to help you save money!
  • Individualized PERSONAL PROGRAM DESIGN: Increase your metabolic rate for good while also reshaping your body!
  • Individualized Accountability, Education & the Motivation to make it all work!

In addition to all the benifits above, one of the best things a trainer can provide for you is consistancy. Consistency is the key to your success and the first 30 days is the most important. If your getting results, you’ll keep going!

Let our trainers be your biggest fan and give you all the guidance necessary to reach fitness goals. Our trainers are all committed to the highest quality of personal partnership with you to help you succeed in your fitness program.

As you can see from our many before and after photos and testimonials on this website many people benefit from the services of a personal trainer. If you are considering working with one, but aren’t sure, make an appointment to consult with our Personal Training Department at Urban Fitness today.
Be good to yourself – you deserve it!