Train Like a Competitor

Fall 2016 Guest INSTRUCTOR:Julianna Uluave Gould

Train Like a Competitor  – 12 Week Training Program
Conditioning and body sculpting training for symmetry, specific for any sport, general conditioning, figure and fhysique. Competitions or just to take your fitness to a new level!

Discounted Group Session Rate (12 week commitment)
Discounted 2x’s a week Rate (12 week commitment)

  • Dieting Tips & Guidance
  • Assessments
  • (9 point body fat assessment)
  • Conditioning Programs
  • Resistance Programs

Train Like a Competitor Testimonial

Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

My motivation comes from within, from the faith and security I live my life by.

Fitness has always been a portion of the goals I have for my life, along with my education and career, and my personal dreams. Only in the last year has it become a tangible reality for me to achieve those goals, and this is largely due to the confidence produced from believing in myself.


What inspires me is going through this journey of fit excellence alongside people who take control of their situation and refuse to give up. Everyone’s journey is going to be different, but when you can find common ground in discipline and determination, that is something to truly celebrate.

Personal Fitness Goals

I will graduate with a BS in Exercise Science/Nutrition and train elite athletes, with both my educated knowledge and personal experience in the fitness industry. I am committed to constantly bettering my best, and I will never fall into the excuse of an “off-season”. I will BE the competition at Nationals in 2012 J


While taking the action to get up and pursue my fitness goals was completely up to me, I would absolutely not be at the place I am without Juliana Uluave-Gould. Her “job” to prepare us as competitors in her program, was not even close to where she stopped giving. Her willingness to offer personal experience, encouragement, and simple belief in me is the reason I was even able to step on the stage the first time.

Urban Fitness

One of the coolest parts of embarking on this kind of journey is the amount of support that comes from people even slightly involved. Everyone at Urban Fitness, from the front desk to the owners to regular members, were so clearly supportive of my journey, it was at times their accountability alone which made me that much more disciplined.

Feelings after first show

The entire 12 weeks leading up to my first show I had one goal in mind, and that was simply to get on the stage. I told myself I was doing it for the experience, to say I had done it; I hated double cardios, and I hated dieting even more. Three shows later, I am hooked on trading in short-term satisfaction for discipline, hard work, and accomplishing a set goal.

Future goals

I will compete in the NPC Nationals in Las Vegas, in July of 2012. I will prepare myself for the stage by competing in the NPC Vancouver Natural and NPC Emerald Cup, both in the spring of 2012, and I will place in the top five at both shows.

How do you feel after this program?

I feel that Train Like A Competitor was the foundation I needed to dial in and turn up the intensity on my training. The program is a perfect combination of education, motivation, and accountability, with a team environment. The accountability was there for all of us to take it up a notch and learn from Juliana every week, but also daily as I would see the other girls in the gym getting their workout in.

-Hannah Kinsolving